Our Shop

Mike Manzardo, Ashley Grove and Jim Stouffer opened Plateau Fly Shop on November 1, 2012. All three owners of the shop are from the Southwest Missouri area and have extensive knowledge fishing Ozark creeks, rivers and lakes, as well as, knowledge of waters abroad.

Plateau Fly Shop is stategically located on South Campbell Avenue between two big box stores that also sell fly fishing equipment…. What sets us apart is that we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and will try to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.  We are dedicated fly fishermen who will provide all level of fly fishers the highest quality fly gear, service and advice.

We have the same pride in running the webstore as we do the brick and mortar store.  If you are ordering through our internet site, you can count on a 100% satisfaction guarantee, great customer service and efficient order processing in the attempt to provide our customers the best all around fly shop.  You catching fish on fly is our ultimate goal and we will do whatever it takes to help you achieve that goal.

About Us


Mike Manzardo ……….. has fished in 54 different states, 75 countries and three separate solar systems.  His smile is so big he picks his teeth with a tenkara rod.



Ashley Grove………can roll cast 150′ with a 350 grain Streamer Express.  He once landed a can of tuna with 8x tippet.  His best fishing experience involved a trip to the Bahamas in which he caught bonefish utilizing Shad Gravy, a bacon and eggs double rig and Speedos.  Ask him about it!


Jim Stouffer……ties flies with abandon.  As in, “Hey, Jim.  Come finish this fly you started three weeks ago.”  Loves to fish for musky in 40 MPH winds with a 3 weight.


Ty Ingram……..tattoed a fly patch on his forearm and utilizes it to store his clouser minnows.  He wears the pants of the family.  Can drive 24 hours straight without taking a bathroom break.


Bill Shank……has 7 kids – Bill Junior II, Billy Bob, Billy Ray, Billy Jean, Billamena, Billetta, and Hank.  All seven kids have fishing licenses but don’t drive.  Bill named his boat, “The Sonny B”.

The Fish We Chase ‘Round These Parts

The Ozarks region is fly fishable 12 months a year and we chase fish every month of the year.  That experience provides our customer’s with reliable first hand knowledge whether you’re chasing trout, smallmouth, largemouth, stripers, white bass, hybrids, carp….the list is long….we’ve even been known to chase a gar or two.   Our pro staff extends from Arkansas to Midcental Missouri, so, if we don’t know it, we can usually find out.

Explore the site, browse and shop or come into the brick and mortar store and tie a fly or two.  We look forward to meeting you.


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